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Our number one goal is to help manufacturers accelerate their Next Generation Nicotine Delivery Products (NGPs) to market. With over 8* million preventable and premature deaths occurring due to combustible cigarette smoking every year (*according to World Health Organization), we recognize this as a global emergency that requires less harmful solutions for smokers who cannot quit smoking.

Dedication to harm reduction

With reductions in cigarette smoking not taking place quickly enough around the world, and a complicated and evolving regulatory landscape which differs from territory to territory, our team have the expertise to help manufacturers understand the regulatory landscape. Through strategic partnerships we offer manufacturers bespoke and flexible solutions to generate, collate and interpret the scientific data required to gain regulatory authorization to allow novel innovative products to be marketed as less harmful alternatives for smokers. Put simply, our mission is to positively contribute to Tobacco Harm Reduction by Accelerating a smoke-free future.

Alignment with clients’ goals and objectives

Our team have the brightest and most experienced consultants in the next generation nicotine product field. Together with our network of global experts, we are confident that we can find an agile and efficient solution to your scientific and regulatory challenges. With offices in the US, Hong Kong, China, India and the UK, we are confident to be able to offer our clients cutting-edge solutions with the latest global thinking.

Next Generation Nicotine Delivery Products (NGPs) focus

Currently the US has the most defined and comprehensive regulatory pathway for next generation nicotine delivery products. Our team have significant experience in guiding clients through the data generation, data interpretation and compilation of FDA dossiers for the Pre-Market Tobacco Product Application (PMTA) process and well as the Modified Risk Tobacco Product (MRTP) pathways.

In Europe, the regulatory pathway for most next generation nicotine products can fall into one of two pathways, the European Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) and the European Medicinal Products Route (MAA). Broughton Nicotine Services has significant experience in guiding clients through both of these pathways. Our knowledgeable regulatory and scientific consultants are able to design bespoke regulatory projects for your next generation nicotine delivery products including e-vapor products and modern oral products. Perhaps you have developed a completely new technology as a solution for tobacco harm reduction? We are able to offer expert advice and learning from other nicotine product categories to design solutions for your novel innovation. Whatever the next generation nicotine delivery product category, our mission is to harmonize innovation, regulation and societal wellbeing by accelerating less harmful nicotine products to market, thereby providing all smokers the opportunity to switch to an alternative product.

Broughton Nicotine Services is a privately-owned global Contract Research Organisation (CRO) offering fully integrated end-to-end consultancy services to deliver US Premarket Tobacco Product Applications (PMTA), Medicinal Product Applications (MAA) and EU Tobacco Product Directive (TPD) notifications. Our business culture is to continue to invest in new science and innovations. By partnering with Broughton Nicotine Services, our clients will know they have access to some of the most experienced project managers and scientific professionals in the world, combined with regulatory-compliant CRO laboratory facilities. We are committed to helping our clients develop safer nicotine delivery products.

We are bound by a common vision and team culture to delight our clients.  We have an undeterred competitive spirit that focuses on your success. Our commitment is absolute, we will not settle for less.  We combine a culture of quality with smart thinking and hard work to deliver better, faster and more efficient analytical solutions.  Working within regulated industries is an exciting and challenging market to build enduring partnerships; we believe that by working together, we can discover, develop, and deliver the best value for our customers.

To enhance lives with science and innovation.

Our Vision

Our work ethics and actions make us unique. We understand high-end results delivered on time are fundamental, but we also believe in offering services that add value to our clients - now and in the future.

To accelerate safer nicotine-delivery products to market; advancing a smoke-free future.

Our Mission

We are committed to our clients and understand that to fulfil our mission we must deliver a unique service. We are determined to delight our customers by delivering outstanding consultancy services, combined with excellence in delivery. To do this we recognise the importance of listening to our clients and anticipating their future needs.

Our Team Commitment

To ensure that our Vision and Mission are adhered to, we must make firm commitments to Our Clients, Our People and Our Community. A copy of Our Team Commitment can be found here.


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