Fozia Saleem

Fozia Saleem is the Director of Scientific Affairs and Programme Management at Broughton Nicotine Services.  Fozia joined Broughton in 2019, coming from Nicoventures (part of the British American Tobacco group) where her primary focus was developing and launching products across the globe for the vapour category.

Fozia has a BSc in Pharmacology from the University of Manchester and a PhD in Molecular Physiology from the University of Edinburgh. Fozia has over 12 years’ experience in developing innovative products in R&D, marketing, and strategy environments. She has managed cross-functional teams across multiple global sites, ensuring all product safety, local legal compliance and marketing needs were met for global launches. Fozia is focused on excellence in client communications and ensures tailored systems and processes are in place, to accelerate global regulatory projects for our international clients.

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Dr. Fozia Saleem