Vaping is a new industry that has not been previously regulated. Therefore, many new vaping brands and businesses that have emerged are looking to maintain their presence in the market through compliance. Whether you’re a manufacturer or distributor, we understand the challenges you encounter when interpreting EU TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) legislation. Our collaborative approach ensures that we are aligned with your business goals to deliver a cost-effective strategy to help you achieve and maintain compliance.

Our collaborative approach ensures that
we are aligned with your business goals.

We have the capabilities to a complete TPD notification service for all ENDS products. Our method of delivery provides you with full transparency of the process. We tailor our approach to support your products and specific requirements. Our method allows you to operate continuous innovation so that you can grow customer loyalty and maintain customer satisfaction – bringing each new product to market quickly and compliantly.

Ingredients and Toxicology Assessment

Understanding the ingredients of your product and the potential harm that it may cause on consumers is standard due diligence. We assess your ingredients, ensure that banned ingredients are not used, concentration levels are known and both e-liquid and emissions are not at a level that would cause adverse effects.

Product Testing

The testing required for TPD notification is nicotine dose consistency and emissions testing for a selected number of carbonyls and metals as stipulated by the EU member state. Our team of scientists have the capabilities of analysing your products and providing data to support your TPD notification.

Packaging Review

There are specific requirements for package design, warning labels and leaflets. This is to ensure the product has the right safety features such as a leakfree fill mechanism. We will assess your packaging for compliance with TPD and provide recommendations if appropriate.

Portal Submission

To complete your TPD notification, we will compile your data and electronically submit on your behalf through the online portal.
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Our TPD Testing in 6 Easy Steps brochure. Download our brochure to see how simple it is to work with Broughton Nicotine Services.


Download our brochure for an overview of our comprehensive services to support the ENDS industry from regulatory submission to maintaining compliance.


Download our brochure to help you learn more about emissions testing to comply with the EU TPD.