Project Management at Broughton Nicotine Services

Broughton Nicotine Services operate exclusively in the Next Generation Nicotine Delivery Products (NGP) sector.

Our Project Management team has built a framework that will set, maintain, and ensure the highest standards are achieved to make your innovative NGP project a success.

Our Project Managers have a broad range of technical backgrounds and hands-on project experience, meaning we will work with you to create and develop effective strategies. This approach delivers value to your business, ensuring your NGPs reach the market safely, on time and aligned with budget.

A Tailor-Made Service

At Broughton Nicotine Services, we go that extra step. Having delivered successful NGP projects for a range of clients, we use this experience to effectively plan projects and support our clients through the relevant regulatory pathway be it an EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), EU Medicinal Product (MAA) or Premarket Tobacco Product Application (PMTA). A dedicated Project Manager will be your single point of contact right from project initiation, through to regulatory submission and beyond. Clear deliverables for each stage of the project will be agreed, with communication pathways being followed throughout.

Our Project Management team have standardized practices and methodologies in place. However, we understand the reality that no two projects are the same. We therefore follow an agile and flexible approach to your project and have the know-how to create tailored solutions that meet the specific requirements of your project.

project management diagram

Project Initiation

In order to align with your business goals and needs, a dedicated Project Manager will work with you to clearly understand the project scope and deliverables. The project may be broken down into allocated scopes of work giving full visibility of project gateways and budget spend.

We start with a project charter mapping out clear deliverables, followed by a request for information (RFI). Our process has been developed to ensure all prerequisites for your regulatory submission are met. We complement this with secure cloud storage of your information.

Your information is reviewed which may involve a gap analysis to understand what work is required to meet the necessary regulatory requirements.

Finally, we will agree a communication plan with your team and establish regular meetings to ensure your project remains on track.

Strategy Definition

The strategy definition phase is where the Broughton Nicotine Services’ project team gather and review all the necessary information required for your NGP regulatory submission. We have the knowledge and experience to understand what is required for your regulatory submission and each workstream within the project is assigned a lead who is a subject matter expert (SME).

Your Project Manager is responsible for ensuring that workstream milestones are met. They work closely with our extensive network of SMEs to design appropriate studies and identify the necessary data to achieve a successful regulatory submission.  We work with both internal and external SMEs to optimize time and costs.

Project costs and timescales will be clearly defined and communicated following the strategy definition phase.


During this phase, we work with you to generate the data and relevant documentation that is required for your regulatory submission. Your Project Manager will manage and control the multiple workstreams, executing the various studies, reports, data reviews, and audits that are vital in demonstrating that your product is compliant in its desired market.


Regulatory Submission

We understand that each submission is unique. Data generated during the compilation phase, along with scientific narratives, are channelled through our workstream leads and compiled into a dossier. The dossier is submitted via the prescribed processes to aid regulatory review in support of submission success.


Regulatory Review Support

After the dossier is submitted, the regulatory body will review and analyse the data and narratives to determine if the product meets regulatory requirements. During this review period, the regulatory body will often ask questions where further clarification is needed or request additional data to support the submission. Our project team will be on hand to ensure that any queries are acknowledged, actioned, and addressed in a timely manner to complete the project.