Our Scientific Consultancy supports the meaningful delivery of our services. Whether you’re a routine quality control client or you’re placing your product on stability to support a Marketing Authorisation Application, we ensure the service you receive is more than test results. We support a wide range of clients to deliver safe and effective products to market.


We align ourselves and understand your business goals to ensure your analytical strategy can deliver. We work with you to develop analytical strategies that generate high-quality and meaningful data in the most cost-effective manner.


When issues are encountered during analysis, we provide full and thorough investigations to not only identify the root cause, but also provide you with options and impact of resolution.


Where we are responsible for your routine testing, we continually review trends and ensure that anomalies are highlighted to you. This enables us to work together to reduce the risk of future failings from occurring.

We work with you to develop analytical strategies that generates high-quality and meaningful data.

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Why our clients work with us

We believe in developing collaborative relationships with our clients. We give them the confidence and trust that we will deliver on their expectations and in line with their goals. We are here to provide you more than test results, and we have the experience to help you continually deliver safe and effective products to market.


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